Value Drivers

The ongoing development of Content Captain (As a business as well as an app!) is driven by three key values that remind us where we’re going, and keep us on track.If anyone on the team proposes a change or evolution of what we’re doing, it has to serve one of these three values in style.


Running a business is hard. Our biggest aim is to show our users that their personal story proves they have everything they need to run their business successfully. We want to make them feel like they can take on the world.

So as well as creating videos, we want them to get more inspiring insight about their audience, their business, and themselves than they ever thought possible. This isn’t just another video creation app!


We’re not helping people tell stories just for the sake of it. Ultimately, every single one of the videos we help people make has to somehow enhance the online perception of their business, and themselves as business-owners.

If that means less flashy videos, and a focus on credibility rather than vanity metrics, then that’s fine by us.


We don’t want Content Captain to feel like a work tool. If we’re tempted to add something really cool, but the user has to work too hard to get the benefit, then it’s time for a re-think.

Of course there’s a challenging element to telling your stories, but we’ll always strive to make sure that effort is centred around self-reflection rather than wasting timeunderstanding complex features.