A lot of people worry that when they're making video content like this, that what they're doing is too long.

And I completely understand that because of one word. Tik Tok. Or is that two words with a hyphen? Whatever the heck, Tik Tok has skewed everything. This idea of hyper short form video super short attention spans.

And the thing is, it's all true to an extent.

The problem with that, is that while it's unquestionable that Tik Tok is now the place to get new eyeballs on your thing with a relatively small amount of effort, because it's a new social media platform, you can put stuff out there that you know will get huge views and eclipse anything you could do organically on on Facebook and LinkedIn. But the million dollar question... once you've got those eyeballs on your video content, is the short form micro stuff, the fun stuff, the pithy stuff, the shareable stuff. Is that actually going to get anyone to buy what you're selling now?

If it's like a ten pound impulse purchase then possibly yes. If you're selling that kind of thing then absolutely, short form video is the way to go. You'd be crazy to start anywhere else.

But what if you're selling a relatively high ticket item? What if you're selling coaching? What if you're selling a course? What if you've got a bit of a value ladder? When you're asking people online to pay £500, £1000, or more even, is that short form stuff going to convince people over time that you're trustworthy? That you really know what you're talking about? that you really understand them and their problems? Probably not. In fact, definitely not.

"Let's not beat around the bush. Short form video content is great for getting eyeballs, but when it comes to selling a high ticket item - that alone will not do the job."

But the fact is, if you're selling a relatively high ticket item online and you want people who don't know you to put their hand up and basically say, I'm ready to start working with you - I'm ready to buy now. Then a certain set of things absolutely has to happen.

Yes, they have to be aware of you, but that's the most simple step. Right after that, they have to really understand what you do. They really do have to understand that. They have to know what sets you apart from the person down the road who's cheaper than you. They have to get a feel for your personality (if your personality is integral to what you do). They have to know that you know your stuff inside out. They have to really, really know your credibility is there. They've got to trust you.

All of these things have got to happen somewhere. And online, you're going to want that to be happening without physically having to talk to anyone. Otherwise, how do you scale?

How do you really grow, Grow that audience and grow that revenue. Short form content ain't going to do that. So you've got to use other video content to move people along that buying journey and the length of that video content can be as long as it needs to be for a couple of reasons.

"Firstly, as people get further along in the buying cycle of thinking to buy from you and then going for it, they're going to want more detail."

They're going to want to hear more from you. And let's say you take a look at your analytics and you see, well, people aren't really watching all of these videos. Even that doesn't matter. The fact that you're making these kinds of videos and people see that you are talking at length about this stuff, even if they don't watch a second of it. They scroll by and they go "oh, an expert".

Next day "Are they really doing... yeh."

Next day, "OK, this person for real".

You know what I mean? They're seeing that you're serious business person. And this is the shift beyond what you get with TikTok. Which, let's face it is mostly influencers. Same on Instagram.

 If you're a business owner, a purpose driven business owner, you're not an influencer and don't be swayed by that flashy stuff. It's during the next few steps that solid business marketing sales fundamentals are key and longer form video content is a brilliant way of doing that.

Does that sound good?

So if that sounds good, then I could just suggest you go off and make loads of really long videos and don't worry about it. It's not quite as simple as that. There is a real need when you're putting out any sort of video content online to have some kind of strategy in place. If for nothing else than to save your sanity and let you know that you're not wasting your time.

Because if you just put out one kind of really, really long video over and over again, then that won't hit all of those triggers that have to happen in the buying journey. There does need to be some kind of strategy in place.

It's all about finding the one that fits with you and that asks as little of you as possible. I think that's the key because you can put a ton of effort into this, but that's all time away from actually delivering for your customers. Find that strategy that asks the right amount from you, that resonates with you, and it's going to help you get this done in a way that you can just basically tick it off and just roll with it and get back to doing what you love, which is delivering for your audience.

Now, obviously, I wouldn't be talking about any of this in the way that I'm talking about it unless I thought that we had, in fact, developed that perfect strategy for you. So that's what we've gone and done. 

I'm talking about a really comprehensive content framework...

..that will guide you and over time tick off those boxes that have to be ticked in order for someone to come to you online and say, "Hey, I'm ready to work with you". And I'm not just talking about a ton of templates and then leaving you to it. I'm talking about regular content challenges that are going to keep you engaged and excited and informed. It's going to help you learn more about your business and your audience and yourself than you ever thought possible.

We're going to use tech and strategy to help make the boring stuff easy. So there's room for you to just be uniquely you, uniquely authentic. Develop that spark and connection with your audience and just get back to what you want to be doing, which is helping them! Give it a spin at ContentCaptain.app.

I'll see you there.

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