Content Captain is an app that helps purpose driven business owners spark an emotional connection with their true audience using strategic selfie videos. So you can say goodbye to the stress and the time pressures of having to plan this stuff.

Worrying about whether what you're saying is going to get people to buy what you're selling. The technical aspects of it with the editing and the branding and all that stuff? Say goodbye to all that. Instead, you're going to be able to make videos just like this over and over again at speed safe in the knowledge that they're all strategically sound. And not only that, you're going to discover more about your business, more about your audience and more about yourself and how well suited you are to serve the audience than you ever thought possible. So, yeah, we will help you make selfie videos.

We will also help you spark that connection with your audience and a whole lot more besides. Now, if you're looking at this and you thinking well, I'd like to make videos like that, but I don't think I can.

You are the person we made this app for. I'm not that interested in helping people who are already like amazing at this and doing their own thing and are off doing this . I want to help business owners who are genuinely good at what they do, sell more of it.

That's what this is all about. So if you can talk in a coffee shop to someone who needs your service. If you can talk about how you can help them, if you know what they're feeling, what they're going through, I guarantee you can use this to capture that personality. Capture that unique spark that you've got that makes you better suited than anyone in the world to deliver for your audience, and it's going to help you get it out there. We can make that happen for you right now.

So to get started, just head over to right now. Sign up. Put your name, email address in. And all of this come clear, the details will come through to you and you could be making this stuff within minutes. I cannot wait to see what you create.

Let's connect!

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