The video storytelling app for people who believe in what they're selling

Turn your personal story into compelling social video content for your business

Use your unique story to drive the success of your business

Spark an emotional connection with your true audience

Stand out from your competitors, so buying from you is a no-brainer

What do our early users think?

'It really helps you dig out the good stuff about your business, and you as a person. It brings out that authenticity.'

Paul Fernandez

 The Growth Guys

'It's an app that saves so much time and guesswork. I wish I could keep it a secret, but at the same time I want to tell everyone about it!'

Marci Kobayashi:

'This is without doubt the best thing that has happened to my business when it comes to creating social content.'.

Neil Rimmington:

 Neil Rimmington PT

Your story can drive your success

If you’re selling something you believe in, your audience is desperate to learn about the real you.

What got you to this point? What challenges have you overcome along the way? What have you experienced that makes you the best person in the world to help your clients?

There’s only one way to answer these questions, and that’s by making use of the one thing no competitor can ever replicate: your story!

But harnessing your story properly is a colossal challenge

Where to even begin? Trial and error, with no idea if you’re taking the right approach? Expensive, time consuming courses?

And how do you know if what you’re saying will get people to buy into you, and what you’re selling?

There has to be a better way...

Say hello to Content Captain

Inspiring challenges that draw out your best stories

The app uses Story-starter Challenges to help you single out the most compelling key moments of your life. This gives your audience a compelling insight into what really makes you tick as a business-owner, and as a person.

So get ready to blitz the competition, show what really makes you unique, and make buying from you a truly no-brainer decision.

Tell a great story without having to be a great writer

Think you need perfect scripts or a teleprompter to engage your audience? Think again!

Become a compelling storyteller by recording your videos in bitesize pieces with the Content Captain app, using our lovingly structured questions and prompts.

If you believe in what you’re selling, you’ll soon be making better video content than you ever thought possible.

Tell the story of your business as well

Our Story-starter Challenges will also help you articulate what your business is all about.

You’ll be able to confidently create videos that leave your audience in no doubt as to how your business can transform their lives, and why they should trust you on that journey!

Check out what our users have created with Content Captain...

How does it work?

It’s early days for the Content Captain app! Our epic plans for the future will blow your mind, but here's how the app will work when we launch...

1. Choose your challenge

When you're signed up, we'll send you regular Story-starter challenges within the app.

You can choose to create whichever videos you want, whenever you want!

2. Follow the prompts

Then it's  just a case of answering the questions, and following the prompts.

Each piece of content is recorded in bitesized chunks, so there's no need to film everything all in one go!

3. We take care of the rest!

Once you've recorded your clips, they'll be automatically edited together in the cloud. 

Your final video will be sent to you via email, all ready for posting on your social channels. 

If you can't spark an emotional connection with your true audience...

- You’ll only reach a fraction of the people you want to help.

- You’ll risk losing out to more confident competitors.

- You’ll struggle build the community you know is possible.

- You’ll look back and wonder if you could have achieved more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a teleprompter app?

No. Teleprompter apps are boring work tools that risk sapping all feeling from your videos. Content Captain will encourage you to speak without scripts, so you don't lose that authentic spark that makes you special. It also means you can create your content far, far more quickly.

What will it cost?

Not a lot. We want any solopreneur in the world to be able to use Content Captain, and to be blown away by the experienced they have. 


Should I really be telling my personal story?

Absolutely - we're in the age of authenticity! But seriously: if your journey has mirrored that of your audience, or you've previously experienced problems that you're now solving for others, then your story is the absolute best way to spark an emotional connection.

Is my personal story my personal brand?

Your personal brand is the cumulation of your entire online presence. Your story can form a massively effective part of that, if you let it. 


Who is this app for?

It will work for any business owner. but if you're driven by something other than money, you care about your audience and you believe inn what you're selling, then you're in for a heck of a ride!


Will the app add subtitles and branding?

In the future, absolutely. But for this initial launch, we're keeping things basic. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all have fantastic automatic subtitling, and branding on regular social videos isn't quite as important as some people think. Sometimes, the slicker something is, the less authentic it feels!